Cappadocia offers hot air ballooning for every budget. Prices for flights start at 200 Euro per person and go up to 350 Euro for a group of 8 to 36 passengers. Standard flights take 45 minutes to an hour and 15 hours while deluxe balloon trips last longer. Luxury balloon trips will have fewer people and allow for more photography.

The number of people in the basket will increase as balloon flights become more affordable. While the size of the basket is important for a pleasant flight it is not the only factor that affects balloon flight pricing. The pilot in command also has an impact on pricing because more experienced pilots are paid less than inexperienced ones.

Equipment can have an impact on the cost of a balloon flight. We recommend that you use professional firms that take the maintenance and renewal of ballooning equipment seriously.

Standard Flight Details

The day begins before sunrise. Your hotel will pick you up and take you to the launch location. This is determined by the pilots based on the morning's wind patterns. As crew prepares for the flight, they will serve tea and coffee as well as small pastries.

You'll have the adventure of your life once you get in the basket. The flight lasts between one hour and one hour 15 minutes. Champagne or other beverages will be offered to you as a commemorative drink. We will also give you your commemorative flight certification. After that, we'll transport you to your hotel using our vans.

Despite being originally designed for 28 people, these baskets can be used to hold 24 people. This indicates that there will be more space in the basket.

Deluxe Flight Details

The deluxe balloon flight is the most popular for people interested in photography or geology. The primary differences between the standard balloon ride and the deluxe flight are the length of the trip and the number of passengers in the basket. Cappadocia's settlements and valleys will be captured by you flying for longer than standard flights, which take around 1,5 hours. The maximum number of passengers that can be in the basket on this flight is 12. The flight will be over by 9:00 AM, giving you ample time for daily tours.

A group of 6-12 people can fly together in one basket. The weather conditions can affect when the balloon flights take place.

The rate of the balloon rides are changing depending on the season, so please send us an email to get best rate.